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Which documents are required to go to Chile?

Contact Chile’s embassy in your country to know if you need a tourist visa. Otherwise, you just need a passport valid at least until six months after your scheduled date of return.

When is the best time to visit Chile?

Given the length of the country, it depends where you’re going! You can visit the north all year long but it is busier in January and February (this period correspond to summer vacation in Chile) and it’s really hot. In the south, the weather is more stable from November to March.

What are the mandatory vaccinations?

There are no mandatory vaccinations.

What is the time zone of Chile?

Time in Chile is divided into two time zones. Continental Chile uses the time offset UTC−03:00. Additionally, Easter Island uses the time offset UTC−05:00.

Can we travel to Chile with children?

Of course! Chileans are very warm people and the conditions of hygiene are good. Our tours will please young children as well as teenagers. Our family tours will also surprise you.

Where can we go hiking?

Everywhere in the country! Chile offers some of the most inspirational and iconic trails in the world, in the most amazing environments. Pumalin National Park, Torres del Paine National Park or the Lake District are paradises for hiking lovers.

North or South?

Both! It’s up to you! In the North, you will be charmed by the immensity of the desert plunging into the ocean, the small villages of the Altiplano, the Andes and their thousands of volcanoes, the wild coast. In the South, the Lake District, Chiloe Island and Patagonia are just as amazing. Our tours will take you through these famous regions as well as to undiscovered places.

What local specialties are we going to discover?

Folklore and music go hand in hand with Chilean culture and traditions. The rich food and wine variety produced in each region bring to the Chilean cuisine a unique flavor. Most of the dishes are prepared with fish and seafood found along the long coast. The Pisco is the national beverage, usually it is served with lemon juice: the Pisco Sour is produced between Chile’s third and fourth region, in addition to quality wines.

Which sports can we practice in Chile?

On foot, horseback or by bike, this country is a feast for senses! Take the plunge for a cascade of activities. From the easiest activity to the most extreme, hit the rivers for speed and thrills on hydrospeed, ducky rafting or sail at your own pace on a canoe or a kayak on the lakes for a gentle discovery. Paragliding, Sky diving or cruising, Chile’s secrets are just waiting to be discovered. Hike to isolated places, climb the slopes of volcanoes and relax at the end of the day, take a swim in one of the countless hot springs of the country.

Where to eat the best Chili con carne?

Nowhere in Chile! It is not a Chilean dish: Chili is a spice and the only thing it has in common with the country is its shape.

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