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Cruise to discover the glaciar of Patagonia in 4 days

On this cruise, you will see around 15 glaciers, some of which you will contemplate and admire directly, walking up to their front and moraines, and sailing through multi-coloured ice-floes on smaller expedition vessels from where you will have the chance to observe de varied Patagonian flora and fauna in all its natural glory.



  • Day 1: Puerto Natales - Amalia Glacier
  • Day 2: Amalia Glacier - Fjord of the Mountains
  • Day 3: Fjord of the Mountains - Angostura Kirke
  • Day 4: Angostura Kirke - Puerto Natales


Day 1: Puerto Natales - Amalia Glacier

As from 16:00 hrs, reception of passengers.
17:15 Safety lecture and information session about your cruise.
17:30 – 18:00 Sailing from Puerto Natales, cruising the Patagonian channels of Angostura Kirke, Morla Vicuña, Unión Collingwood and Sarmiento.
Included : all inclusive

Day 2: Amalia Glacier - Fjord of the Mountains

You will reach Amalia Glacier. The ship approaches the glacier. Panoramic view from the ship.

09:00 hrs. Landing on a nearby beach to trek through vegetation and rocks, until you reach a belvedere or mirador from where you can observe this beautiful glacier.

10:30 hrs: Sailing to the El Brujo Glacier.

12:30 hrs. Arrival at the El Brujo Glacier. If the weather allows it, passengers can leave the ship to contemplate this glacier from a nearer rock.

13:30 hrs. Sailing to the spectacular Fiordo Calvo.

15:30 hrs. You will set anchor in Fiordo Calvo, and take a special boat called the Capitán Constantino to sail among the ice, visiting the Fernando, Capitán Constantino, and Alipio glaciers among others.

18:30 hrs. Sailing to the Fiordo de Las Montañas.

Included : all inclusive

Day 3: Fjord of the Mountains - Angostura Kirke

Sail to the Fjord de las Montañas where you can see four glaciers, which course down from Cordillera Sarmiento towards the sea.

09:00 hrs. Visit to the Alsina glacier, landing on special exploration boats to sail through this small bay and beautiful glacier, appreciating its beauty and the huge mountains that surround it.

10:00 hrs Return to Skorpios III. You continue to sail along the Fiordo de Las Montañas towards the Bernal glacier.

Visit of the glacier. Trek in the midst of a small rainforest, to then cross a path that leads to a small glacier-water-filled lagoon. Continue walking on the front and lateral moraines, until you reach the front of the Glacier. At this point, you will be able to touch some of its ice and witness the contraction of the glacier, which no longer flows into the sea.

12:45 hrs. Passengers return to the ship, which is loading pure and crystalline water from a waterfall. This is the water used on the ship.

14:00 hrs. MV Skorpios goes on touring the Fiordo de Las Montañas, and from the ship you will able to see the Herman and Zamudio Glaciers. You will reach Angostura White at 17.45 hrs, where you will embark on exploration crafts, sailing between islands and rock formations until you reach Angostura White at 17.45 hrs, where you will go on shore on explorer boats, sailing between islands and rocks, recording the native wildlife.

19.30 Return to the ship and get ready for the Captain’s dinner.

21.00. Farewell party, Captain’s dinner, Dancing. Sailing along the Golfo Almirante Montt.

Included : all inclusive

Day 4: Angostura Kirke - Puerto Natales

Breakfast and landing between 08:00 and 09:30.
Included : all inclusive

Cruise Skorpios III   Puerto Natales

Level : medium
Included : all inclusive

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