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About us


Terra Chile is a receptive travel agency based in Valparaiso, on the Pacific coast, 120 km from Santiago, Chile’s capital.

It’s part of the Terra Group, a network of agencies working throughout South America, Southern Africa and Oceania. Created in 1998 by a few friends thirsty for adventure, the Terra Group counts today more than 15 agencies across the globe. 


Meet “el equipo Terra Chile”! We are an original mix of travelers and adventurers. Some of us can’t get enough of luxury hotels, others would rather spend the night in mountain shelters. Some fell in love with the Patagonian glaciers, others with the deserts and salt flats. All of us enjoy the life in Valparaiso, picturesque town looking over the ocean. We love and know all Chile’s secrets and are more than happy to share our experience.
Let us introduce ourselves.




After working for more than ten years in tourism and events management in Europe, Cathy took a major step and moved to Bolivia, country that she knows backwards and forwards since she spent 7 years there, creating personalized tours. Her adventure continues in Latin America, in Chile this time, where she has taken over Terra Chile’s management. She will share her knowledge and passion for South America and travelling.