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Chilean Altiplano

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The Altiplano, which spreads over four countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Chile), is a landmark of South America. Its name comes from the fact that it is made of flat plateaus of very high altitude, averaging 3300m. Although most of the Altiplano is in Bolivia, Chile has nothing to be jealous of. Indeed, this area offers a variety of landscapes that cannot be found elsewhere. It is also an area of extreme contrasts where the arid desert meets fertile valleys and oases. These climatic characteristics have created beautiful landscapes. This area has a large biodiversity, and its most representative species are protected in national parks and reserves. Not-to-be-missed: San Pedro de Atacama, the Moon, Death and Rainbow Valleys, the Tatio Geysers, Chungara, the Surire Salar, Lauca National Park, the ghost-cities of Humberstone and Santa Laura and the oasis of Pica. Video clip about the Altiplano & Great North

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