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Archipelago of Chiloe

Traditional boat copihu.jpg Fisherman boat in Chiloé Ocean and palafito Chiloe Cathedral Chiloe arts-and-crafts Palafitos in Chiloe

The Chiloe archipelago is full of charm and surprising traditions. It is located in the very heart of the Lake District in Chile, its capital city is Castro, and Chiloe is the 2nd biggest island in the country. It consists of more than 40 small islands. Chiloe is very famous for its palafitos, small colorful houses built on piles, and its wooden churches built between the 18th and the 19th centuries. These 16 churches are protected as a UNESCO world heritage site because their architecture is the symbol of a very specific part of Chiloe's history, merging European influences, mostly German, with local touches (materials, decoration). Not-to-be-missed: Dalcahue and Achao streets in Castro, the traditional celebrations in Castro (February), Puqueldón Maja y Curaco, Chiloé National Park, Tantauco Park, and the Curanto, tipical dish of the region. Video clip Chiloé

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