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The Lake District

villarrica-traverse-1.JPG lac-conguillio-1.jpg lac-todos-los-santos.jpg The Geometricas Hotsprings The Petrohue Falls Petrohue Huilo Huilo Reserve Araucaria

Land of the Mapuche people, this is where the last Indians managed to repel the Spanish invaders to the limits of the Biobío River. The region is dominated by the volcanoes of the Andes Mountains (Osorno, Carran, Riñnahue, Puyehue, Calbuco, Casablanca) and the countless lakes (Llanquihue, Ranco, among others) constituing the natural border with Argentina. A Mapuche legend attempts to explain the existence of the Osorno volcano: during the creation of the world, an ancient, powerful and evil spirit called "Peripillán" was trapped in the deepest part of the earth. The Osorno and its eruptions come from its violent attempts to come to the surface. In this region, you can practice and enjoy numerous activities such as volcano climbing, trout fishing, horseback riding, skiing, rafting, or relaxing in the numerous lakes and hot springs of the area. The main attractions are: Park Huerquehue, the Villarrica National Park and volcano, the towns of Pucón, Puerto Varas and Frutillar... The best way to cross the border to Argentina is to take a cruise on the Nahuel Huapi Lake. Video clip about the Lakes and Volcanoes Region

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