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Torres del Paine National Park

chili20argentine20201120209.JPG torres-del-paine.JPG lagune-amarga.png estancia-cerro-negro.jpg 24-torres-del-paine-2-1.jpg The French's Valley Grey Glacier The Paine Horns

Torres del Paine National Park is the most famous in Chile. Surrounded by the Andes and the Patagonian steppes, the park was created in May 1959 and declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in April 1978. Located 112 km north of Puerto Natales and 312 km from the city of Punta Arenas, Torres del Paine National Park is easily accessible by car. The small town of Puerto Natales is the best starting point to visit the park, and in summer (i.e. November to February) there are flights arriving directly from Santiago. Its name comes from the three iconic granite formations of the park, the Towers (Torres) del Paine. Tourists come there to be dazzled by its natural wonders: mountains, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers. The shelters and hotels and well-marked trails make it one of the best places in the world for the practice of trekking. Video clip of Torres del Paine National Park

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